Jazz Night

July 19th - Thursday @6PM-8PM

Featuring the Art Jazz Trio

Trapper Schoepp

July 21st - Saturday @6PM-8PM

Trapper Schoepp is a young man who’s befriended a strange and diverse cast of characters during his 24 years. That small army of rogues and rebels, drifters and dreamers, soldiers and schemers populate his songs, their tragedies and comedies, their lives and deaths recalled in his finely etched musical vignettes.


Bluegrass Night

July 26th - Thursday @6PM-8PM

A revolving and evolving cast of artist helps us celebrate Bluegrass Music the last Thursday of every month this summer!

Tom Waselchuk & John Parrott

July 28th - Saturday @6PM-8PM

Tom Waselchuk will be familiar to southern Wisconsin audiences from his work with his Americana band The Dang-Its (1998 to present) and Gypsy swing ensemble Harmonious Wail (2001-2011), with whom he toured the U.S. and abroad. John Parrott is a rare species in the vast genus of acoustic guitarists. He plays the archtop rhythm guitar in a style that was common from the 1930s to the 1950s (think Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Wills).


Ken Wheaton

August 2nd - Thursday @6PM-8PM

Ken's earliest recollections include singing along to the family's Grundig radio-phonograph during the 60s while his father was stationed in France. Along with his parents' collection of jazz records, Ken heard the pop music broadcasts on Radio Luxembourg. He specializes in acoustic finger-style guitar, featured prominently on his CD Jessica's Dreamin'. Ken plays his own songs, plus jazz and blues standards, and pop favorites from the 60s to the present.


Mark Harrod

August 4th - Saturday @6PM-8PM

A diving accident in 2000 left Mark Harrod with a broken vertebrate in his neck. After 4 months of recovery, Harrod vowed then devote his life to one single pursuit. Music. And it shows in the words he chooses for lyrics and the actions he takes on stage. It is his outlet, and he wants it to be yours. Described as a hybrid clone of Dave Matthews and Rob Thomas, Mark Harrod’s music conveys struggle and hardship with and unsurrendering layer of hope and resiliency. In an uncertain world, Harrod confesses his imperfections and accepts them. And this revelation gives him and his onlookers tremendous energy. Harrod calls it, “Pop with a purpose.” Playing solo or with a supporting band, Harrod, who plays both acoustic guitar and piano, has over 15 years of performance experience. A must see, Mark Harrod is arguably one of the most uplifting musical acts in the Midwest.


T Burns

August 9th - Thursday @6PM-8PM

TBurns (Thomas Burns) plays songs and musical styles from every decade of the last century. Whether it’s a familiar Blues number, a Jazz standard, an Old-Time/Traditional ballad, or a recent Pop cover, his adept finger-style and flat picked guitar arrangements bring to life the character of the dusty, mischievous, American troubadour.


Cris Plata Trio

August 11th - Saturday @6PM-8PM

Cris Plata was born in South Texas, the son of migrant workers. Those early days of living in different migrant camps and following the harvest from region to region, exposed Cris to a wide range of musical experiences. His early musical experiences reflect his Mexican heritage. This heritage includes Norteno (Northern Mexico border music), conjunto (elements of both European and Mexican music fused by early residents of South Texas), and ranchera (Mexican country) music. Today, Cris describes this as “Mexican root’s” music.


Jazz Night

August 16th - Thursday @6PM-8PM

Featuring the Art Jazz Trio

Fresco Opera

August 18th - Saturday @6PM-8PM

Fresco Opera Theatre strives to bring the beauty of operatic music to current opera fans and also to cultivate a new generation of opera lovers by presenting opera from a modern perspective. Fresco's purpose is to present opera in a fresh accessible way by producing creative versions of operas, new works, themed concerts, scene programs, condensed versions of larger works, and fully staged productions.


Radio Wranglers

August 23th - Thursday @6PM-8PM

The Radio Wranglers hail from Wisconsin and are heavily influenced by the sounds of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s with influences ranging from Country and Western, Western Swing, and Honky Tonk. The band has had the pleasure of playing at Opryland in Nashville, and opening for such acts as Wayne Hancock and Carolyn Martin’s Western Swing Band. They strive to encapsulate the sounds of traditional 1940’s and 50’s Country and Western music, while adding their own tunes to the long lasting tradition they so greatly admire. From Waltzes to Boogies, hot swing to high and lonesome blues, you do not want to miss this band’s unique blend of true American music!


Josh Harty

August 25th - Saturday @6PM-8PM

Josh Harty is a messenger. A North Dakota songsmith. “A true son of the heartland whose bold defiance and riveting delivery channel the essence of American music” (Glide Magazine). As the son of a small town police chief and preacher, grandson of a South Dakota polka legend, Josh grew up performing with his dad at every Lutheran Church, Eagles Club, Moose Lodge and Rotary Club in the Upper Midwest. Having released several internationally-aclaimed albums and performing across the US & Europe, it is clear that Harty was born and bred for this. His live shows prove that good storytelling combined with journeyman musicianship is as authentic as music gets.